Included Features:

  • Data Quality
    Exclusive data capture, filtering and delivery methods
  • Lead Delivery
    Have your leads batched daily or choose a real-time post
  • Behavioral Targeting
    Target demo, geo and psychographic attributes
  • Volume
    Flexibility to increase lead volume levels, and set daily/monthly targets
  • Client Service Administrator
    Dedicated account CSA (client services administrator) will optimize campaign production
  • Quality Control
    Brand Protection, lead quality, consumer privacy, data transfer
  • Mobile Search Call Platform
  • "Power Platform" will deliver a high quality search call without sacrificing call volume or conversions


Lead Generation
Blue Dolphin Media specializes in CPL online marketing (CPL = Cost per lead). To help manage your program expenses CPL marketing is a cost effective way to get online consumers to sign up for your offer. Blue Dolphin Media provides hundreds of clients thousands of quality leads month after month. Blue Dolphin Media is a proven leader in the online advertising industry, consistently generating hundreds of thousands of qualified leads per month. Since 2004, Blue Dolphin Media has networked several custom solutions for hundreds of clients. As a leader in the industry, Blue Dolphin Media has raised the bar to a higher level.

Whether your objective is to drive online registrations, build an e-mail database, generate calls from our state of the art mobile search call platform or generate sales - we can tailor a custom program to provide scalable results.

Blue Dolphin Media's CPL network was introduced in 2004 our revolutionary technology, optimization and data validation processes and client services guarantee will maximize the potential of your campaign. Our network has gone through a major upgrade in 2014 delivering Mobile Search calls for over 75 different verticals today.  We expect that number to grow as our clients catch up with our technology upgrades to the Mobile Call Network integration.  Our network is scalable based on the demands of our clients from 200 leads per day to 5000 we deliver results!