Ad Placement & Delivery Technology
Blue Dolphin Media proprietary internal management software allows our administration team to deliver measurable, scalable results based on the effectiveness of our advanced ad placement and delivery technology. Every campaign can be customized to post data in a real time environment, capitalizing on where ads are placed based on their likelihood to achieve their lowest CPL cost to our clients. Our system policies & procedures allow your budget to best utilized to meet or exceed desired campaign performance & financial models.

Comparing Results
One of the most important pieces for a successful internet campaign is the ability to measure your progress on a daily basis against your performance & financial matrix.  Our account management staff will create marketing strategy that overlaps the financial & performance demands of your program to meet or exceed your results.

Administration Management and Reporting
Internal online reports display impressions, clicks, actions, conversion rates and CPL performance, by campaign, creative and web site allowing our advanced ad placement technology to do most of the work, your account management team will also implement reports to better understand campaign trends and to make changes to maximize performance for both Blue Dolphin Media & our client to ensure the offer is productive for both parties..

Offer Evaluation Research
Working with all major marketing companies, Blue Dolphin Media allows robust reporting tools to evaluate studies and focus on comparable differences between multiple offers to maximize performance to exceed the results of our clients.