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How We Generate Leads:

We start with building a custom landing page for every client.  We can do a branded page or a generic page, the good thing about a custom page is we can use your input to help build out the page, so what the people are seeing is what you want them to actually see.  We can also add your company name that will be calling back the lead into the privacy policy so you will be TCPA compliant when making an outbound call to the lead prospect.  Once the page and banners are built your account manager will choose the sites and placements within the sites to display your banners, maximizing the interest level of the lead prospect who fills out your form.  All leads generated off  our sites are Opt-in and sold as an exclusive lead in real-time.

What Can BDM Do For Your Business:

The main purpose for lead generation is to increase sales for a product or service.  At Blue Dolphin Media we recognize that most lead generation companies can't deliver the quality and intent of a lead at the level at witch our leads perform.  Our focus has always been the intent of the leads we provide to our clients.  When speaking to one of our leads on the phone we want the intent to be strong.  We can deliver using a real-time post or daily batch between 100 leads per day to 3000 leads per day depending on your campaign.  We take the risk and the guess work out of the equation by offering a CPL (Cost per Lead) pricing structure.    


Services We Offer:

Call verified lead generation,  Co-Reg Campaigns, Mobile Search Calls, Data and list services


We Can Generate Leads For Any Consumer Based Product or Service

Most Popular Verticals


At Blue Dolphin Media we specialize in generating leads and

driving calls from our Mobile Search Technology

 What We Do: 

Blue Dolphin Media manages over 900 websites and search bars across the internet.  These sites allow Blue Dolphin Media the access to the site traffic of the companies and website properties allowing Blue Dolphin Media to achieve the lead generation goals set forth by their clients, while maintaining lead volume and lead quality.  To reach the consumers of these websites Blue Dolphin Media has created a unique marketing site to generate opt-in internet leads and Mobile Search Calls.  This site "" was designed for lead generation purposes and is a key tool in providing opt-in leads to our clients.