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Choosing The right platform is key to the success for any business. Here at Blue Dolphin Media we have built a proprietary engine to drive high quality calls off keyword Search. This platform has been optimized for Desktop & Mobile Call Delivery.

Lead Generation

Regardless of whether you are a large call center or a one man operation. We can generate targeted leads for any consumer vertical. As simple as a co-reg lead or a more qualified form fill lead. Blue Dolphin Media will exceed your expectations.

Our database is compiled of over 200,000 records that are cleansed every 30 days.  We have over 150 points of interest on every record.  So if you ar looking for a specialized list for a telemarketing campaign we can help. 

At Blue Dolphin Media its all about the clients needs, all of our call or lead generation campaigns are built custom for each and every client.  You choose whether to brand or run something generic.  Its your choice

your target audience will see what you want them to see.

To speak to one of our friendly sales consultants call (888)466-9789 or click the link above and fill our our short form and someone will call you back to discuss your lead generation needs.

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